Introduction to Ikebana

Introduction to Ikebana
Introduction to Ikebana
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Watch Ikebana being made, learn about the history and secrets of Ikebana and make your own.

Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Learn some of the principles of this meditative practice - arranging flowers, branches, foliage and stems for maximum beauty and impact.
During this workshop, you will learn about the origins and history of the Japanese art of ikebana. You will see demonstrations of small and medium-sized arrangements and be given personalised guidance as you work through your own arrangement.
You'll finish the workshop with a sense of calm, new skills and knowledge, and a beautiful Japanese style flower arrangement to enjoy in your own home.
Practising Ikebana under her official Japanese teaching name Shoto, Aileen is a qualified Sogetsu Ikebana teacher with a background teaching art and information technologies. She has been learning ikebana for 14 years and teaching since 2018.
"Sharing my love of ikebana is a joyful experience. Working with people who love flowers, love Japan or are simply curious about ikebana gives me great satisfaction. The creative, meditative and mindful aspects of Japanese flower arrangement provide a fantastic counterbalance to our busy lives, and bring beauty into our hearts, minds and homes."

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Sessions, Dates & Times
28 Apr
2:00 pm
4:00 pm
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Tickets are $15 + bf.

Wheelchair Accessible
Wheelchair Accessible
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