Life Drawing with Leyla Bulmer

Life Drawing with Leyla Bulmer
Life Drawing with Leyla Bulmer
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To appreciate the beauty of the human form and honour the body participants will create work inspired by a nude model.

Drawing the human form can be a powerful exploration into the relationship we have with ourselves. During this Life Drawing workshop, we will illuminate the beauty of the human form, experience creative flow and become present to the process all while witnessing the model in their truest form. Leyla will guide participants to get curious and experimental, to work with different mediums and try out different drawing techniques with the model as a muse. During this session, something not usually visible will become seen, celebrating parts of us that are sometimes hidden. All are welcome, no drawing experience is needed and all art materials are included.

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Sessions, Dates & Times
30 Apr
2:00 pm
4:00 pm
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