O_C_E_A_N - Floating Gallery

Janenne Willis


Date & Time

May 14, 2022
May 14, 2022

14/5/2022 10am - 2pm

Covid Safe

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O_C_E_A_N - Floating Gallery
O_C_E_A_N - Floating Gallery

A floating gallery of ocean inspired art atop Westernport Bay in Point Leo, showing works by established and emerging hyper local artists. Swim, paddle or row amid the works. Bring along a wetsuit, SUP, canoe, kayak or surfboard for the best viewing experience.

Shanai Kellett
Leyla Bulmer
Hayden O’Neil
Tilly Riches
Judith Van Heeren
Warren Cooke
Alice Blanch
Sarah Dingwall
Hamish Donaldson

This project is made possible with support from the Point Leo Boat Club.

O_C_E_A_N, a multidisciplinary project encompassing contemporary art, story and spiritual practice across a series of iconic, unique and hidden locations around the Peninsula. Developed by Shoreham based artist and curator Janenne Willis, O_C_E_A_N explores and pays homage to the transformative nature of our water environments.

Discover a floating gallery offshore at Pt Leo; soak in a host of projection and video works; trek across wetlands and cliff tops in search of sculptural installations; even learn to paint while surfing.
Image credit : Judith Van Heeren

This event is weather dependent so please register for details.

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