O_C_E_A_N - Surfing Painting

Henry Jock Walker


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April 22, 2022
April 23, 2022

23/4/2022 6am - 10am,

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O_C_E_A_N - Surfing Painting
O_C_E_A_N - Surfing Painting

Originally created as part of Next Wave Festival, Surfing Painting is back in all of its outrageous glory. An adventure with Henry Jock Walk who will teach you how to paint whilst surfing. Yes, it is painting while surfing. Using paint on paper while moving across a wave. Exploring the possibilities of surfing, performance and painting through collaboration, and socially inclusive events. All levels of surfing are welcome.

How to paint while surfing:

One of Walker's more obscure forms of art are his surfing paintings.
With a tube of paint in the arm of his wetsuit and a canvass in his mouth, he paddles out on a surfboard to prepare for his bizarre form of painting.
"I just stand up and squirt the paint, and the challenge is to get the paint to the shore without losing it," he said.

"I've always been interested in surfing, but I didn't like the idea of making paintings of waves, so the contrast of the two things is making paintings while I'm surfing. (Courtesy of ABC)

Max 16 people per session. Be prepared to get notified re location pending the surf report. Painting starts at dawn.

What is O_C_E_A_N
O_C_E_A_N, a multidisciplinary project encompassing contemporary art, story and spiritual practice across a series of iconic, unique and hidden locations around the Peninsula. Developed by Shoreham based artist and curator Janenne Willis, O_C_E_A_N explores and pays homage to the transformative nature of our water environments.

Discover a floating gallery offshore at Pt Leo; soak in a host of projection and video works; trek across wetlands and cliff tops in search of sculptural installations; even learn to paint while surfing.

Henry Jock Walker (b. 1986) is a South Australian artist exploring painting and performance through the materials, context, community and action of surfing culture. Central to Walker's recent investigations
is the material neoprene, found second hand wetsuits dissected and reconstructed into new forms of costume, painting and object. In The Mornington Peninsula’s O_C_E_A_N__Festival Henry is inviting you to join him to make paintings while surfing.

Walker has been prolifically practicing, performing and exhibiting nationally and internationally, showing in leading artist run spaces and contemporary art organisations; including exhibitions at First Draft Gallery, Sydney, Sawtooth ARI, and Constance Tasmania, TCB, Rearview Gallery, BUS Projects, Substation and West Space as part of the Next Wave Festival, Melbourne, Felt Space, Fontanelle, Ace Open, GAG Projects, and Hugo Michell Gallery in Adelaide. Walker successfully completed his honours in 2011 at the Victorian College of
Art, Melbourne. Walker was included in the Australia NOW program in Japan: a one month performance/residency in Chiba and Tokyo.

Walker currently lives and works in Adelaide.


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