Write the Story Only You Can Tell with Wendy Orr

Write the Story Only You Can Tell with Wendy Orr
Write the Story Only You Can Tell with Wendy Orr
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Learn with award-winning author Wendy Orr’s how to spark ideas and burst through writers’ block.

Stories can’t be written until we free ourselves of the fear of writing them. Whatever the genre, eg fiction or memoir, children’s novel, mystery or romance, we need to find the confidence to start and the knowledge to continue.

Warm up exercises will allow participants to relax and enjoy their creativity. We will use a treasure box of objects to spark ideas and techniques to help participants realise what stories they already hold, as well as whole-brain techniques to create well rounded characters and their stories.

With creativity flowing, participants will then look at how to use these ideas. They will gain the basics of story structure and explore how their interpretation of characters, setting and tone work together to create the story that only they can write. 

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Sessions, Dates & Times
30 Apr
12:00 pm
2:00 pm
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Wheelchair Accessible
Wheelchair Accessible
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